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Published by Hodder Bite January 2006

Price £5.99
ISBN 0 340 89325 7

A teenage girl lays flowers at the site of a road traffic accident on a dismal December afternoon, covering her face as she does so… A father and daughter make a journey together in the snow…A mother begins to unravel and sinks into depression…A teenage skateboarder cannot look his parents in the eye…A young man, haunted by nightmares, dreams of climbing a mountain…What happened on the way home from Emma and Elliot’s party?

‘A  thoughtful, beautiful account of how grief can tear people apart and put them back together again… the characters are wonderfully written. Damage made me sit back and reassess life, an amazing feat for a children’s novel to accomplish, and I would recommend it to everyone, young and old.’ Lucy Bailey www.hackwriters.com


Damage is a cautionary story, poignant yet unsentimental, that articulates the grief, guilt and trauma experienced by victims of a tragic accident. Sue Mayfield explores, with a light touch, the emotional and psychological damage caused to individuals and families when tragedies occur.’ Deborah Buley www.improbablity.ultralab.net

‘..gritty and full of raw reality, Damage is about picking up the pieces when disaster hits you... incredibly realistic and incredibly honest’ www.aboutbooksforteens.blogspot.com

Damage was shortlisted for the Angus Book Award, the Calderdale Book Award, the North East Book Award, the Leicester Book Award and the 2007 Carnegie Medal.


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