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On Eagles’ Wings



Published by LION 2004

Price £4.99
ISBN 0 7459 4890

Sometimes, when it’s all too much, Tony wishes he could just fly away from everything, like an eagle, powerful and free…

Tony’s mum is dying and there’s nothing he can do about it. He can’t always put on a brave face and his dad won’t talk about things. Only Clare seems to understand – somehow she helps keep him together.

Then Tony finds an injured seagull…

Formerly published as I Carried You On Eagles’ Wings (Andre Deutsch Ad Lib 1990 and Scholastic Point 1995)

‘This is a first novel, but there will surely be more from an author already writing with such an enviably assured touch.’
Times Educational Supplement

‘An extraordinary rites-of-passage story. A coming of age tale of love and loss and new life.’
Zenith North TV Company


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