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Published by Hodder Bite 2002

Price £4.99
ISBN 0 340 85084 1

Josh stared at the wall… ‘Are you going to tell them?’ ‘Who?’ I said, ‘Mum and Dad?’ I had all the power. If I told Mum and Dad there was nothing Josh could do about it… But twins don’t tell. That’s the rule. Always has been. Twins stand together – whatever.

The year they turn sixteen twins Josh and Rachel have the best summer holiday ever. Messing about with mates, swimming, having a laugh – nobody wants to go home!

But for Josh, the end of the summer brings more than the new school term. It brings life-changing news. And the end of innocence…

‘All boys should read this book – and anyone who is, was, knows or is ever thinking about being a teenage parent!’ National Literacy Trust Website

‘A very well written novel in a sharp contemporary style.’ School Librarian Journal

‘I loved this book…It’s like a hormonal roller coaster with all the loops, corkscrews, climbs and drops!’ Philip Howe, Bishop Rawstorne C of E Language College

‘This book is by far the best book I have ever read in my whole life. It is absolutely excellent.’ Wesley Haggas, St Theodore’s RC High School

‘Absoultely brilliant, I couldn’t put it down!’ Jenny Hepple, Burscough Priory High School


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