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Youth Emmaus


Youth Emmaus and Youth Emmaus 2 are resources for Christian youth leaders.


Youth Emmaus: For Growing Young Christians

Published bv Church House Publishing 2003 (revised edition 2009)

ISBN: 0715141848

Price £22.50


Fourteen sessions for 11-16 year olds, exploring the basics of Christian faith. Ideal for youth groups and confirmation preparation A free CD-ROM with printable handouts and graphics is included.


Youth Emmaus 2: Big Issues and Holy Space

Published by Church House Publishing 2006

ISBN: 0715140485

Price £22.50


Fourteen more sessions designed to help young people develop and deepen their Christian faith – seven sessions on 'Big Issues' such as justice, forgiveness and materialism based on Jesus ‘Sermon on the Mount’ and seven 'Holy Space' outlines for interactive worship exploring fresh and relevant ways to communicate with God. Ideal as a follow-on from Youth Emmaus or as stand-alone material for 11-16 year olds.


‘ It made us laugh and think and helped us to understand God more’. Tiff John

‘Youth Emmaus is fab. Easy-to-use and very imaginiative…’ Revd Philip North


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